Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Chapter

Health and Vitality
I've been procrastinating for long enough.  The last couple of months have gone by with me wanting to start writing on this blog again but just couldn't decide what to write.  So I guess the answer is to just start writing and see what eventuates. 
I think, no I know my health has been in decline for many years now and so since the beginning of 2012 I have made it my top priority to reclaim my life, my health and vitality.  I’ve made several attempts over previous years but my efforts always fell short of achieving it.  I think I’m finally on the right track by getting out of my own way. 
I started the year by investigating the Gabriel Method.  It made a great deal of sense to me since no diet I'd ever gone on had ever worked for more than a few months and then I'd put back on all the weight I'd lost plus gaining sizable interest as well.  If I were a bank account I would be very rich by now.  I attended the Kiama seminar down in New South Wales in May and was inspired by everything I experienced.  The good news is that I've lost 16 kg (about 35 lbs) and even though it has taken me 9 months to lose that amount the point is that its off and it ain't going back on.  Still got a loooooong way to go and patience is one of the things I've learned through the Gabriel Method.
Back in May I bit the bullet and called a holistic doctor, Dr. Sandeep Gupta, for an appointment which would not happen until January 2013 but I persisted and sent him an email of my journey so far.  This helped and he managed to fit me in in August this year.  You never know until you try everything.  Now two appointments later I can now say I'm feeling a change happening in my energy levels and a decreasing bank balance but worth every cent so far.  It's an investment in me and my future.  Of course it's not just the cost of visiting a holistic doctor but everything that goes with it like a multitude of supplements.  Looking at the cause of dis-ease and treating that rather than the symptoms is sometimes a long drawn out procedure but in the end, I believe, worth the cost.  However operating on a disability pension does have it's ticklish moments when I say to myself 'I just can't afford this' but then remind myself that 'I can't afford not to'.  The old adage 'where there is a will there is a way' comes to mind.  So far that is true and I do the best that I can.  
Apart from weight issues, I also deal with fibromyalgia (or at least that is what the doctors call it) arthritis, depression, anxiety and adrenal fatigue which can probably be put into the same basket because I believe they will  be solved simultaneously when my body becomes balanced again (don't think it has ever been in balance frankly).  It's a huge jigsaw puzzles and now I'm committed to piecing it together.              


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letters Home WWII (20) October 9 1945 The Final Letter home.

This is Dad final letter home to his parents in 1945.  He then had to wait 6 months before Mum was to join him in the USA.

Letters Home WWII (19) September 24 1945

Dad now enjoying some home cooked meals.  Mum still maintains that she couldn't cook and that Dad had to teach her.  Ain't love grand!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letters Home WWII (16) August 7 1945 Finally Married.

A miracle happened on the honeymoon.  Mum must have felt loved and very safe for her memory to return.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Letters Home WWII (15) May 29 1945

The approaching nuptials, only 4 days away.  Dad paints a wonderful picture.