Saturday, January 24, 2009

LDN-Low Dose Naltrexone for Fibromyalgia

The year has started out painfully slow with absolutely no interest in participating in any of my favourite pastimes. The pain and stiffness in my body has increased in the last couple of months. The antidepressants prescribed for my mood and muscle spasms have reduced the number of spasms in my legs however the stiffness first thing in the morning is debilitating. I am not writing this to offload my woes onto anyone who reads this or to obtain sympathy. It is a story of investigation and I’m positive that things will get better just like the economy. Just like there is no magic bullet for the economy there is none for me or thousands of others. However!
I’ve been very busy researching the drug Naltrexone after receiving a Newsletter from Dr. Mercola. In his newsletter he talks about the use of low dose Naltrexone for things like MS, cancer, autoimmune diseases etc and I wondered if anyone had tried it for Fibromyalgia. I Googled it and low and behold clinical trials have begun at Stanford University in California and if you go to this site you will read that there are no pharmaceutical industry or business interests involved in this study. It is funded by the American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA) which means, dare I say it, that the study is not driven by profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Am I being unfair? Let’s just say I would tend to trust the outcome of these trials far more. My next step in my hunt for answers came with the website which has given me a wealth of information and encouragement. I then joined the yahoo forum on LDN and I have spoken to many people on this site both here in Australia and the US and have come to the conclusion that they are on to something. The only reason I can ascertain as to why it is not widely known about is because Naltrexone was approved for heroin addiction and alcoholism at much higher doses and there is no money to be made at lower doses for this alternate use. After my research effort I came to the conclusion that I have nothing to lose by trying it myself. Then I came to a stumbling block, doctors, not many in Australia prescribe it or at least advertise the fact. I was one of the lucky ones as I have a very open minded psychiatrist who has prescribed it. Ironically he was the psychiatrist I was told to go see because my symptoms were all in my head. And he confirmed for me that they weren’t all in my head, they were real. The next problem was to find a reliable compounding chemist to make these pills up for me. They are only available in 50 mg doses and I only want to start taking 1.5 mg. I found a chemist recommended by others because they have a history of preparing these low dose capsules. Now I am at the point of waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Today is Saturday and with a bit of luck they should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. I do plan on keeping a journal of my progress here on my blog if anyone is interested. I have found the best information and greatest support come from people who are willing to share their journey. The most surprising aspect of this has been that in talking to both my current GP and former GP (who said there was nothing wrong with me) that they are genuinely curious and interested with my results and want me to keep them updated. It would seem there is interest in the alternate use of this drug by doctors but they tend to be a reluctant to be the first to try it. I am happy to be their guinea pig. Ah, I hear you say but what about side effects? To date the only reported side effects are vivid weird dreams and a bit of insomnia in the first couple of weeks and that only affects a small proportion. It is also reported that about 15 % receive no benefit at all. The way I understand LDN’s method of working is, at a low dose it temporarily (4 hours?) blocks the feel good natural chemicals in the brain and then when it wears off the endorphins get anxious and kick in again but at an increased volume. In turn this boosts the immune system and allows the immune system to kick ass on those nasties that cause problems in our body. People have reported results that vary from a halt in the progression of their disease and an increase in energy to complete remission. If anyone is interested in Low Dose Naltrexone nothing beats your own research so don’t take my word for it, investigate for yourself.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Boomerang Returns coming to a website near you!

Another precious gift my son gave recently was to his grandmother. My mum wants to put her second book, "The Boomerang Returns" on a website so everyone can read it. Ty has organised a website and will upload the book soon. Mum's first book, "Pavlovas to Popcorn", her own personal War Bride story was published 20 months ago. The sequel is free of charge to anyone who wants to read it. My mum is an amazing woman who manages to see everything and everyone through rose coloured glasses. She has the ability to see every setback as a positive and pushes on to turn things around. I will post the website address as soon as I know it is done.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Inspiration!

My son really put a lot of thought into what to give me for Christmas and Birthday(but then he usually does) . He lives in Smith St Collingwood so he didn't have far to find a bead shop. He bought a bead container and then went shopping for different beads to fit into the container. He also found some clay and was told it was polymer clay but it wasn't the bakeable type or the dryable type. It is modelling clay and I love it anyway because of the effort he went to to get it. For my birthday the next day he organised the host site for my new website (still in production) and will maintain it for me (now ain't he a sweet boy). Then he surprised me with a return flight to Melbourne from Qld to see him in concert when he sings with the Gay and Lesbian Chorus. Their next concert is a tribute to the Beatles which I will love. His support means a great deal to me. Now he's going to give me some help to extend my knowledge of Dreamweaver to get my website up and running. Now to find the time to actually produce something to put onto the website to sell would help. I know I block my creativity because I feel that what I make is not good enough to sell. I have just read a blog that I subscribe to by Linda Peterson and her latest entry has inspired me to just have a go. On the issue of time I know that I have all the time in the world so lack of time is just an excuse not to try. Right, okay so I'd better finish this entry get off the computer and get busy.