Saturday, April 28, 2007

PAVLOVAS TO POPCORN, an Australian War Bride Story

And now for something a little different. My Mum is about to launch her first first book 'Pavlovas to Popcorn' so I thought I would put the picture of the book and her website on my blog.

My son put the website together and I'm still waiting for mine.

It's her story as a WWII Aussie war bride married to a Yank. I designed the cover for the book and put it all together before it went to the publishers. I hope some of you will visit her site. She is 83 years old and spends most of her time in front of the computer writing. She suffers from congestive heart failure which causes her ankles to swell and needs to keep them elevated so I had to laugh when I went in to see her one morning and found her trying to use the keyboard with her feet up on the windowsill. She complained that the keyboard cord wasn't long enough so she could sit it on her lap. Wish I had the camera then. And I might add not to many 83 year olds can get their legs up on a windowsill.

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