Friday, June 29, 2007


This is my version of Maureen Carlson's 'Green Man'. I just bought her book, "Fairies gnomes & trolls" while I was at the polymer clay retreat in Canberra (thanks to Linda & Lex for making it possible to get it sooner rather than later).
I've got a long way to go and a lot of practising to be done. I think it's The Green Man's prehistoric ancestor and some evolution needs to happen to improve his looks. Anyway I'm pleased with me first effort. Dad said he looks like a cross between a cartoon American Indian and Max Klinger (MASH).
The other bits in the picture are for holding flowers and herbs from the garden.


Lin. said...

He looks very convincing to me! Good job! I want to try the sprites I think...Not sure which book they are in, I have most of her books as I love fantasy, folklore, mythical...etc. Lin.

Mel said...

Please God/dess, forgive all husbands and fathers for their hilarious remarks about our creative treasures! Still, a little light relief is a good thing and helps us grow eh. He's just gorgeous Janis and such a fabulous first effort. Isn't sculpting fun?!