Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I love using metal leaf and pinata inks together. This one is on silver leaf with magenta, purple, blue and black ink on top. I used translucent (Frost) on top so I could sand and polish it. It always looks such a mess when I start but I manage to find interesting pieces in it. This one reminds me of a radiant sunset or the glow of a bush fire storm.
My sisters arrive from America tomorrow so one lucky sister will get this one. I'd better hurry up and finish another one.


dedee said...

hellooo! this little message to tell you I like very much your creations. I have made a link of your blog on mine (is that so that we say it? )... so I can come back to see your future creations. Bye, and kisses from Belgium!

Janis said...

Hi dedee,
Thank you for your comments. Can I see your blog?