Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life just gets better

Just when I thought that, at the ripe old age of 53, this body of mine was on a natural decline (nothing natural about it) everything is now turning around. I am starting to feel better than I have in years and I can't pinpoint any one factor that has been catalyst. First I changed doctors and the new doctor started me on thyroid medication. Expecting miracles which didn't come I started to feel worse so the medication has now been modified. The doctor put me on antioxidant tablets (B6, B12) because the homocysteine levels in the blood were elevated which is not a good sign when you consider that my Mum has congestive heart failure so genetics are not on my side. The headaches every day were continuing and my neck was constantly jammed up so I changed chiropractors. The new chiro also practises Applied Kinesiology and since the first session with him I haven't had a headache. Now after 10 years I am slowly coming off antidepressants and the cumulative effect of everything is that I am discovering a whole new me. I have more energy and I'm losing weight. I also took the Chiro's advice and gave up eating food with gluten in it. I've cut back on coffee and the strength of it (Mum says I drink it as strong as Aunt Grace did). All in all I think I'm on the right track now and I couldn't be happier.This morning I am taking Mum to have xrays done on her lower back. It is suspected that she has some more crush fractures down her vertebrae and with a bladder infection as well she's not too happy although it's not hard to make her laugh. She doesn't let too much get her down. Yesterday I took her to meet up with some of her writer friends and we had a lovely riotous lunch. For those who know my Mum multiply that by 7 and you can probably picture the fun around a small table. No one in the restaurant could hear themselves think let alone talk.


jbjinco said...

I can't believe how strong the coffee was that mother made. And, of course, Dad drank it too. I made our coffee too strong yesterday and suffered for it all day!!!
Glad you are feeling better. Life isn't too bad most of the time. Thanks again for your Dad's story - Janice's brother-in-law enjoyed reading it also. Bruce

Belinda Day said...

I'm glad you're starting to pick up! A side effect of antidepressant meds can be weight gain, so you'll be seeing a whole new slimmer you in no time, now that you're coming off them. ^_^ I occassionally watch that show 'How to live longer' (lifestyle channel fodder), and it seems like you're doing everything perfectly. You'd make those people so proud. ^_^