Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Inspiration!

My son really put a lot of thought into what to give me for Christmas and Birthday(but then he usually does) . He lives in Smith St Collingwood so he didn't have far to find a bead shop. He bought a bead container and then went shopping for different beads to fit into the container. He also found some clay and was told it was polymer clay but it wasn't the bakeable type or the dryable type. It is modelling clay and I love it anyway because of the effort he went to to get it. For my birthday the next day he organised the host site for my new website (still in production) and will maintain it for me (now ain't he a sweet boy). Then he surprised me with a return flight to Melbourne from Qld to see him in concert when he sings with the Gay and Lesbian Chorus. Their next concert is a tribute to the Beatles which I will love. His support means a great deal to me. Now he's going to give me some help to extend my knowledge of Dreamweaver to get my website up and running. Now to find the time to actually produce something to put onto the website to sell would help. I know I block my creativity because I feel that what I make is not good enough to sell. I have just read a blog that I subscribe to by Linda Peterson and her latest entry has inspired me to just have a go. On the issue of time I know that I have all the time in the world so lack of time is just an excuse not to try. Right, okay so I'd better finish this entry get off the computer and get busy.


to the Polymer Clay Project of the Month Club! said...

Thanks for sharing your story about your son's gift! What an amazing gift and the thought behind it is priceless!! I'll have to keep that in mind for gift giving in the future!

Granny Two Shoes said...

Interesting blog, thank you for sharing this