Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fluoride Poisoning

The subject of fluoridating water supplies really gets me so angry, frustrated and distressed. It is beyond my comprehension as to why governments insist that it is good for us. There is nothing I could say that would be any different to what the Fluoride Action Network would say except for some personal experience with this poison. I will post that later in the day. In the meantime go take a look at the Fluoride Action Network site.
I just took a look at the u tube video on
Fluoride Risks for Kidney Patients and it begs the question why, why do governments make this decision in spite of the risks to so many people.
I was born in an area of North America where natural fluoride was at a level of 4 parts per million. I ingested this high level of fluoride from day one of my life because I was bottle fed and continued to drink it for the next 6 years until we moved to Australia. My baby teeth fell out as do every one's but some of mine were rotten. I am now 53 and have moderate dental fluorosis
which occured during tooth development as a baby. Years of dental treatment for cavities continue to astound all the dentists I've seen as they naively still maintained I shouldn't have had so many fillings for someone exposed to so much fluoride. Well guess what too much is what caused so many cavities because it weakened the tooth enamel. My teeth break, chip and have fine cracks in them. They are mottled yellow. It was only last year that a dentist confirmed that I had dental fluorosis from ingesting too much fluoride. He himself told me he had dental fluorosis from ingesting too much toothpaste as a child (he used to eat it). Now I know that the level of fluoride that will be put into Queensland's water will not be as high as I was subjected to as a child but not everyone will be able to tolerate even a small level. What happens to people who drink a lot of water? The amount of fluoride that they ingest will be higher than what is recommended? Kidney patients will have a hard time ridding their bodies of fluoride and in Queensland because of our glorious weather I would suggest that maybe more water is drunk.
Anyway I could go on for a long time on this issue so if anyone wants to read more then go to the Fluoride Action Network and become better informed about the dangers of fluoride.


France said...

They put fluoride in water to keep us all docile. Apparently it has that effect, so we don't rebel against *them* putting fluoride in water, see a pattern forming there?
DH has been "educating me" on things such as Fluoride in water, and other such nonsense. And when you mention fluoride being bad for people, you get a strange look (believe me, I've tried it at our local school once) and a "they don't have fluoride in England when we were young and we all have bad teeth" or something like that. People believe what they are told and don't raise questions.
And the fluoride in water helps keep them that way :)
They should save the money they use to put that stuff in water, and put that money into a dental subsidy so we can all get proper dental treatment.
Or something like that. I can't put it in better words, but I think you'll understand my frustration. I understand yours anyway :) hehehe!!! xoxox

JF said...

Oh thank you France for your understanding comments. Yes I get the same reaction from people who blindly accept what they've been told about fluoride. I wrote to the Minister for Health here in Queensland and I did get a lengthy reply to all my concerns 2 months later. Apparently I'm not to worry but should I have any concerns then I should install a water filter and or water tank. I could swear here, but I won't. So I pay out all this money to get decent drinking water but why should I have to.
Years ago doctors used to treat people with hyperthyrodism with fluoride but it had the nasty effect of making people develop hypothyrodism. I have a thyroid problem and a goitre and I'm not willing to risk further problems by drinking fluoridated water again.
I could go on and on but it doesn't change people's minds. I wonder what will?