Monday, June 23, 2008

Talking to myself (or is that mumbling)

I am really enjoying blogging because it is the one place I can go to talk to myself and if I get an occasional reply I'm not thought of someone who a sandwich short of a picnic; a kangaroo short in the top paddock or kangaroo loose in the top paddock; a stubbie short of six pack; not the full quid. Doncha just love Aussie slang.I think cousin Bruce understands what I'm talking about, the sense that you are talking to yourself sometimes. Hi Bruce and Janice in Tennessee, hi Nancy in Iowa. Thank you for talking to me. Nancy informed me that headaches run in our family, oh joy! Still getting them most mornings. Just came home from the Chirpractor and he told me not to sit down for the rest of the day, I went horizontal however and slept for 2 hours and now I'm sitting at the computer and I shouldn't be. There is only so much of standing up I can stand.


jbjinco said...

Blogging is fun so far - thinking about what, writing it, revising it and then reading it posted is an interesting exercise. When mom was writing her column, she would sometimes have weeks where the columns would easily come, but occasionally she would struggle to come up with an idea. Of course, she had a deadline, we don't. We can even take time off!!!

JF said...

Oh you are so right Bruce. I've always loved writing without a deadline. I enjoyed studying at Uni but I really had trouble with deadlines. I absolutely love reading your Mom's book, 'Mother's Diary'. It has helped me to create some wonderful memories of my family in Manson. She was a wise woman.