Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, Yes and No

This is the speech that Dad made during the celebratory party for their 60th wedding anniversary 3 years ago. This is what happens when you spring clean and find some amazing artefacts that deserve to see the light of day again.

There is a saying, that things never stay the same or people never stay the same. Physically speaking that is correct for obvious reasons such as sickness, aging, environment, wars and a host of other interruptions in the life of people. However I am going to get off this track, it is too bumpy and perilous.
In the beginning God created a man and then a woman. He also implanted in the minds of these mortals a camera with the eyes as the lens and the ears as the sound system, so they could record sights and sounds of their lives. My equipment was in first class working order and I recorded the following.
When I first met Ruth, her glowing personality belied the fact that she was a warm, caring and loving person and I was not wrong in thinking that. From that moment on sixty-three ago my camera went into overdrive and so did my heart.
Ruth was always on the lookout for people that needed help and was ready to do so. I recorded the time when she opened a door for a gentleman who apparently thought that this was a man’s world and he was so confused that he did not know whether to say thank you, how dare you or mumble, so he mumbled.
This independent individual loves to have fun and it was fun to be with her. Among her other attributes were her fearlessness which could have been her undoing but thank God, it wasn’t. Frugality is another one. In other words she was a dyed in the wool bargain hunter and still is. Patience and persistence go hand in hand and as a result it only took me fifty years to leave the toilet seat down.
Ruth is outgoing, occasionally outspoken, outrageous, outlandish but always outstanding. She loves to talk. Stimulating conversation according to her is nourishment for the soul. Occasionally this person will be engaged in conversation with someone completely unknown and in fifteen minutes she will have their life story and that has happened many times.
Writing has always been in Ruth’s blood and I can attest to the fact that it’s tough to get the computer. When I was in the army all her letters were stories.
Today when I reflect and call up my life’s recordings I find that people are the same, things are not.
Also, if I seem vague or can’t remember things it means only one thing, I am not switched on.
Sixty-three years ago I fell in love, stole a heart and got away with it. That’s what I call amazing!


jbjinco said...

Wonderful. What fun. While in Manson, I looked through lots of material Nancy has on file. Many letters that Mom wrote to Dad and others. Good stuff!!

JF said...

Well hello anonymous no longer. Yeah it is good stuff. Dad is rather deep and funny at the same time but he finds it hard to get a word in edgeways. Can't think why????