Saturday, February 4, 2012

Letters Home WWII (6) August 6 1944

A very newsy 8 page letter home.  I think he must have been in New Guinea in this one as he talks about the heat and damp.  (Although it's hot and damp here in Queensland)  This letter reminds me of why he enjoyed MASH so much on TV.  He talks about the lousy movies they had to watch and the projector breaking down.  I wonder if they had a Klinger  or Radar to fix it.
He talks about saving money for a furlough and how easy it is to save because he spends so little on the few extras he needs.  
Dad never talks about the horrors of war or the terror he must have felt as he drove his truck from the boats onto the beaches while being strafed by enemy aircraft overhead.  It was only many years later that we heard the stories and understood how this fresh faced young man was forever changed by war.

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